The Consequences of Alteration

We are all looking, constantly – a natural consequence of having senses. The artist’s job is to look a little deeper and to render his findings in a way, or in ways which challenge the perception in others.

Alteration comes in many guises, from the finding of an object and placing it into an unfamiliar, or incongruous, environment, to the purchasing of a piece of material and altering its form according to a strictly executed design.

I, as an artist, have worked in both of these extremes throughout a career spanning more than 30 years, along with most methodologies in between, and still find pleasure in working across the board.

Experimentation with materials is an important aspect of the artist’s development and such experimentation often leads to positive inspiration. At the very least it will open up avenues of exploration. Some personal favourites of my own work have come about through simple juxtaposing of disparate objects and ‘playing’ with combinations of materials and methods of alteration.

Of late, my work tends towards the biodegradable – art that eschews longevity or that highlights the relativity of biodegradability, bringing into play the fourth dimension: time.


Until recently, I have worked only to commission, so have not exhibited. Having been introduced to some of the younger generation of artists, I was convinced that showing work is a pleasant experience. Projects include:

12/2014: The Dog House pub, 293 Kennington Rd, London SE11. Group show with Silka Uddenberg.

11/2014: Brixton East, 100 Barrington Rd, London SW9. Bad Behaviour (www.bbehaviour.com) Open Call. Curation assistant and head of installation team.

10/2014: The Dog House pub, 293 Kennington Rd, London SE11. Group show with Silka Uddenberg.

07/2014: Memorial Gardens, Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey. Sitespecific group (FB Sitespecific).

04/2014: The Cambria pub, 40 Kemerton Rd, London SE5. Bad Behaviour exhibition: Food, Glorious Food.

02/2014: Arts Lav, 180 Kennington Lane, London SE11. Immaterial project: Nothing to see, Here.

11/2013: Scrap construction of a ‘robot’ for film project by Kamil Dymek – ongoing

10/2013: Brixton East. Bad Behaviour exhibition: Chart – artwork inspired by music.

07/2013: Memorial Gardens, Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey. Sitespecific group.

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